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Sngbrd Web

Sngbrd Web is a web based social network application that allows users upload singing videos called Sng's to the weekly Sngbrd Experience X competition for a chance to win a prize. Other users act as judges and like the Sng's, with each like a video is sent up a grid. The Sng with the most likes at the end of the 7 day run becomes a brd and is crowned winner for that week. Apart from Experience X, users can follow other users they like, want to support or just want to follow their career. This is a useful tool for music creatives to access opportunities, build a fan base and get discovered by industry professionals. 


Mixtape Network

Mixtape Network operates on the Sngbrd platform through a licensing deal and it is the first 24/7 digital music related video channel. Mixtape is the video channel millennials and generation z have been waiting for. Featuring the hottest music videos, exclusive performances and interviews, as well as a slate of unscripted video content that would leave audiences entertained, enlightened and empowered. 

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Sngbrd Mobile

Sngbrd Mobile is our web app for the iPhone and Android platforms. This platform is designed to offer users greater ease with uploading Sng's, viewing other Sng's, liking Sng's, and discovering other users on the platform. It is also for users who do not have or use computers but have a smart phone.