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Our product


Sngbrd Mobile Social Network

Sngbrd mobile social network is the worlds first social network created to discover high potential music talent. Powered by a weekly music competition that uses a network effect to select talent that deserves representation, this network aims to be the standard in talent scouting. Users can upload audition videos that are deleted when the weeks competition ends, others users votes this video up a chart through a like button. The video with the most likes gets to win that weeks competition. Users can also choose to follow other users, comment on their videos and send the private messages. This would be the ultimate talent discovery platform.


Sngbrd Web Social Network

We believe that accessibility to the Sngbrd Social Network platform is crucial and for that reason we are working on a web application that would work in desktop computers and mobile phones.

Sngbrd Studios

Sngbrd Studios is a digital video content and television production studio that aims to develop and produce the best quality scripted and unscripted content. This story creation arm of Sngbrd believes that if we give opportunities to a diverse group of storytellers and show the experiences of all the worlds citizens, we can build a kinder, more empathetic planet. This belief is founded in creating greater understand among the worlds citizens in the true experiences of everyone. We aim to enlighten, inspire and empower.