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Our Story


Our Story

Sngbrd was formed to reinvent the way music creatives work and music consumers experience music. We are music lovers that believe if we make it easier for music creatives to make and share music the world would have better soundtracks to the experiences of life. Music is a story form, an expressive art that transcends culture, ideology or demography. It is a universal language that connects us all and with this in mind Sngbrd aims to use the tool of music to connect all the worlds citizens to better experiences. 


Our Culture


We are a peoples company. This is our mandate, a collective of dreamers, artists and believers in a better planet. We see our contributions to improving the experiences of the worlds citizens through the prism of music. This is our guiding principle, a place where the young come to find themselves and the experienced come to share their wisdom. Functioning as a singular collective we aim to build products that are of the best design, function like no other and offer users an unbeatable experience. This is what defines our ambitions and what attracts our people. 


Our Team


Founder & CEO

Data Akangbou

Data Akangbou is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Numerals Company and in turn Sngbrd and Founders. As Founder and CEO, Mr. Akangbou is the steward of a Startup that aims to create products, services and experiences that improve the lived experiences of all the worlds citizens. His strategic vision for The Numerals Company focuses on four fundamental pillars: creating the best digital platforms possible, generating the best creative content possible, fostering and utilizing the latest technology; and expanding into new markets around the world.

Mr. Akangbou's first task for The Numerals Company involves the development and launch of the Sngbrd Platform. A social network that aims to revolutionize the way the world discovers music talent. Sngbrd operates through a user generated video content model but also plans on launching a content creation studio to offer users professionally created and produced content. Mr. Akangbou also plans on launching the Founders Project, a series of initiatives and experiences that supports and empowers Entrepreneurs in Canada and the United States. Mr. Akangbou also has the task of building out the operations and developing a short term strategy that would be the foundation for the company.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Akangbou worked as a Digital Strategist and User Experience Designer. This position fully immersed him into the creation and management of digital platforms as well as offered great insight into the development of superior user experiences. 

Mr. Akangbou is a graduate of The University of Windsor, Centennial College and he is currently completing his Masters in Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Queens University, Smith School of Business.

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Hannah Zhang

Positioning at the intersection of Engineering School and Business School enabled me to realize the importance of making change in the process of interdisciplinary design, and applying design thinking to topics such as system design and strategy. My main innovation power is systems thinking, I see the forest and the trees, even the underground root system. When my team is navigating a complex problem, I can help break down the problem in smaller pieces and think through the pros and cons of various options. Finding small insights to see what makes people tick or drive a big change in the system really excites me.

My philosophy is to lead with curiosity, empathy, and embrace ambiguity. Human-centered design has always been the core of all my design decisions. My engagement with Engineers Without Borders Canada allowed me to broaden my thinking in a global mindset. I have learned that a solution that works for one problem, may not for others even if they appear to be similar in nature. Other aspects beyond solely the technical sides of engineering, such as cultural differences, social, financial and environmental factors – all these things have to come together when we solve problems. 

In my free time, I enjoy doing photography, practicing yoga, volunteering, mentoring, and the occasional Toronto CN Tower EdgeWalk. I am curious about everything design and love learning from other people's stories. I would love to hop on a call or grab coffee with you. Please send me a message.

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