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A commitment to music makers: customers buy your promise to deliver

Let's Make Music.

Starting a company has always been my goal, it is all I have dreamt about. Navigating the complicated tasks that all entrepreneurs need to overcome in putting a project of this nature in motion has not been easy. I am eight months into my Masters of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Smith School of Business. Despite the resources a school like this can offer, nothing can prepare you for the reality of entrepreneurship. So I write this to make a commitment to my customers, to tell them what I promise and to ensure I deliver on that promise. As all businesses are and should be, products and services are not exchanged for money but a promise that life would be better in some way. I have never been more ready and excited to deliver on my promise to my customers at Sngbrd and I hope I don't disappoint.

My Promise

All music creatives and dreamers would be given an opportunity to share their music with the world.

Entrepreneurs (like myself) in Toronto would find easier access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals that can be a resources that strengthens their chances of success.

Creative professionals would find a community and resource base that can offer them the opportunities to give life to their ideas.

This is where I start, like I have been taught in my Masters Program, I would make adjustments as I deliver on this commitment. Please stay tuned, the future looks bright.




Emmanuel Akangbou