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Our Story


Sngbrd was formed to reinvent the way music creatives work and music consumers experience music. Sngbrd is the first product of the Rckstrt Media Corporation of Canada.  We are music lovers that believe if we make it easier for music creatives to make and share music, the world would have better soundtracks to the experiences of life. Music is a story form, an expressive art that transcends culture, ideology or demography. It is a universal language that connects us all and with this in mind Sngbrd aims to use the tool of music to connect all the worlds citizens to better experiences. 


Our Culture

We are a peoples company. This is our mandate, a collective of dreamers, artists and believers for a better planet. We see our contributions to improving the experiences of the worlds citizens through the prism of music. This is our guiding principle, a place where the young come to find themselves and the experienced come to share their craft. Functioning as a singular collective we aim to build products that are of the best design, function like no other and offer users an unbeatable experience. This is what defines our ambitions and what attracts our partners. 


Our Product


Sngbrd Mobile Social Network

Sngbrd is a mobile social network that aims to be the world's largest talent discovery platform. Sngbrd operates like a typical social network with one brilliant feature, Experience X. Experience X is the world's first mobile music competition. Sngbrd users create performances of them singing songs, get votes for their performances through likes and if they get the most votes for that competition, they win. Sngbrd also allows users to get followers and build a fan base in the process. Users can send text messages to other users as well as comment on videos. So sign up today and let the world hear your music because at Sngbrd we believe "The World is Listening".


Sngbrd Content

Sngbrd Content is a digital video content and television production studio that aims to develop and produce the best quality unscripted content for a young and diverse audience. This story creation arm of Sngbrd believes that if we give opportunities to a diverse group of storytellers and show the experiences of all the worlds citizens, we can build a kinder, more empathetic planet. This belief is founded in creating greater understanding that narratives shape our reality and telling the stories of the world is important in shaping a beautiful reality. We aim to enlighten, inspire and empower. 

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Founder & CEO

Data Akangbou

Data Akangbou is the creative mind behind Sngbrd. Data is the steward of a Startup that aims to create products, services and experiences that improve the lived experiences of all the worlds citizens. His strategic vision for Sngbrd focuses on four fundamental pillars: creating the best digital platform possible, generating the best creative content possible, fostering and utilizing the latest technology; and expanding into new markets around the world.

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