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Hello, Hope I am meeting you well. My name is Data (actual name) and I live in the amazing city of Toronto. I work in the creative field, particularly UX Design, Branding + Strategy and content creation. I have a background in sociology and creative and digital strategy. These diverse fields offer experiences from two separate worlds that intersect to offer a unique perspective into the lived experiences of people. My sociology background offers insight into social research and a in-depth understanding of the fabric that holds societies together and my creative and digital strategy background gives me the tools to improve social experiences through design. Join me on this journey, it's going to be a fun one. Please follow my work and remember "we're the lucky ones".

The creative field is vast (not sure if I'm using this word right) and though I love the idea of creating, below are a list of places I enjoy working in. 

User Experience + interface Design 

From concepts to wireframes to pixel-perfect interfaces, I utilize user centred (British or American spelling - not sure) design principles to create beautiful digital products that are easy to use and engaging.

Branding + strategy

The very idea of creating is to align what is created with a particular purpose, without purpose the creative process is futile and self defeating (I like big words that make me sound smart). That said, I enjoy developing winning, modern and original strategies ( I don't enjoy doing what has already been done or what everyone is doing). 


I am presently completing my post graduate program at the prestigious Centennial College (Story art center) in Toronto, ON, Canada and studied Creative and Digital Strategy.


I have over a year of experience working freelance on design and creative projects that range from branding and logo design, web design, SEO and marketing strategies for local small businesses in my neighbourhood.